How to compete with international food brands with custom food boxes?

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    A few years ago, all eyes were on international brands. Difficult indeed to miss!

    On the shelves of supermarkets and grocery stores, colorful packaging and images already underscored the supposedly superior quality of products from international brands. Local or retail brands, with their more bland and overly generic customized food boxes, aroused only moderate enthusiasm.

    Should you invest in custom food boxes?

    But since then, everything has changed! At a time when everything is a question of differentiation and loyalty, investing in local brands or distributors is a major strategy.

    And a multitude of tools are available to you to compete with international brands such as custom food boxes with logo.

    What if we looked at your strengths and weaknesses to put the odds in your favor?


    • 1 Major assets for international brands

      • 1.1 An advertising budget to make a difference

    • 2 What are the advantages for private brands?

      • 2.1 Imitate or innovate?

    • 3 Seize the opportunity

      • 3.1 Establish a link with the consumer

    • 4 Generate attachment through experience

    Major assets for international brands are:

    ·         The recognition.

    ·         The visibility.

    ·         Consumer confidence.

    These are not the advantages that international brands lack.

    Obviously, there is Coca-Cola with its iconic bottle and its recognizable colors among all. Obviously, there is Nutella and its unbeatable recipe that allows it to dominate the spreads market year after year.

    Quite easy after all when you have many years of experience. And that there are dozens of individual products that have already proven themselves and continue to be produced and distributed every year.

    An experience which moreover certainly plays a role in the quality, speed of supply chains, and in manufacturing techniques. Similarly, custom food boxes play the same rule to make a unique identity of your own brand.

    Custom Food Boxes Provide Better Visibility

    Something that is regularly lacking on the side of local, national or distributor brands.

    The fact remains that visibility is nothing without trust in the brand. Maintaining or acquiring new market shares cannot be done without trust in the brand.

    This takes, for international brands, the form of an issue that you may not yet have. Invest continuously to maintain the level of quality to which consumers have adhered. A source of concern that is not yet yours at a time when you have everything to prove.

    How do custom food boxes help to surprise your customers?

    The interest for everyone to offer a real experience with each product. In visual discovery, in unpacking, in use and even in recycling. And since you are not lacking in imagination, it is from the first range that you will make sure to surprise your consumers.

    The idea? Hit hard with whatever means you have. And repeat this feat later. An entire program! The same thing happens with custom food boxes with logo as these logos help to improve the way of liking your clients.

    An advertising budget to make a difference

    It’s a fact. International brands can afford to spend money on advertising, television, print media, operations of all kinds … Something that many smaller companies do not have the opportunity to do.

    With the funds inevitably comes more leeway and once again, more visibility. But maybe there is also a playing card here on your side. The fact of not having to invest colossal sums in marketing allows you in particular to reduce your production costs. And to offer consumers lower prices for similar products.

    In such circumstances, custom food boxes wholesale play a vital role as they not only provide better marketing but one can easily afford its price range.

    Why can’t communication be neglected in buying custom food boxes?

    Do not neglect communication! A nice campaign on social networks or the distribution of flyers to communicate on the launch of a new product will not fail to attract the attention of a few curious people.

    What are the advantages for private brands?

    With a brand that is just starting out or that is still little known to the general public, anything is possible. It’s up to you to create a surprise with the most innovative packaging possible, where a change in visual identity proposed by an already established brand could confuse consumers.

    It’s up to you to choose the tone of your choice. The values that speak to you and that you are sure will speak to your audience. A private food brand can easily design custom food boxes from reliable customer service.

    Price makes custom food boxes a perfect choice

    It’s also up to you to define your pricing. Adopt a high-end positioning, or voluntarily remain more affordable. Why not offer several price levels, the main thing being to remain consistent by systematically offering added value that will explain the price applied.

    In which way tempting packaging boxes are important?

    Since you are brought to coexist with many other references, it is necessary to arouse curiosity so that you are noticed. This will go through your visual appeal first, then through the quality of the product.

    You can meet such needs by getting custom food boxes in bulk.

    And find out It is by taking care of both down to the smallest detail that you will be able to compete with international brands.

    Which food boxes can you Order?

    There is a huge variety of food boxes. It includes custom popcorn boxes, custom bakery boxes, and custom pizza boxes.

    In competition, there is always a first and a last but the important thing is not to be the second of oneself.

    Custom food boxes are also ideal for less production.

    And then, who says less production also means better inventory control. By the time your brand has a place on the shelves, you will be able to keep under control the volumes produced, or the management of unsold items in particular. Once again, a way to save some money!

    Between consumers who are looking for the best quality at the best price, and you who want to make the best possible margins… all this is possible only by getting custom food boxes wholesale.

    Everything is ultimately motivated by the economy. It’s up to you to make the most appropriate choices that will combine design, visibility and respect for your budget. A nice custom cardboard box to make sure you get noticed?


    Be inspired agree, never imitate! Whatever the sector, and whatever has already been done, it is always possible to go beyond the equivalent products of international brands.

     Distinguish yourself with innovative recipes, premium ingredients, premium custom food boxes and much more. Be sassy like Michel and Augustin, push the boundaries of organic and natural. Take advantage of new technology, be where others don’t.

    Of course, many opportunities remain to be exploited!

    Take the chance

    When it comes to opportunity, it all starts with identifying the sectors in which international brands already hold significant shares. A sector without a clearly established actor or associated with still relatively accessible prices… And maybe there is a door here that you can slip through.

    It’s up to you to take initiatives and propose innovations through the development of new products! Make-up removing wipes containing anti-aging ingredients, for example, or gentler and safer products for newborns. All can be perfectly advertised by using custom food boxes.

    The beauty and body care sectors of all kinds have not finished offering you their share of opportunities.

    How can you meet the needs of your clients?

    Go further in meeting the needs of consumers. All without necessarily turning to a niche product that is far too specific. After all, the idea is to sell!

    The uniqueness of your product should then be reflected in the design of the packaging. Be clear, readable. No one should have the slightest difficulty in understanding the functionality of the product in question.

    Another way to save some money, avoiding spending a fortune in advertising funds where the custom food boxes in bulk can become your best visual asset!

    Custom Food boxes Connect with the consumer

    Visual, tone, general quality… How are relationships with your consumers still forged?

    You may also want to consider the point of sale where your product will be offered. Anticipate the appearance of its shelves, and the overall decoration to stand out at best.

    Address specific messages to consumers, specific personalized messages depending on where the product will be sold.

    Submit samples, and don’t miss any opportunity to create event packaging. They will be able to use new technologies to offer QR codes for example, which will redirect to games, information videos, web pages and much more.

    Real experience boosters!

    Generate attachment through experience

    A few years ago, the quality gap between the products of international brands and those of private brands was clearly visible. This is now much more noticeable by using custom food boxes.

    Now the quality levels tend to harmonize. The product lines are more consistent than ever. The manufacturing and supply processes have been optimized.

    While the majority of buyers see quality as a top priority, it seems that less than a third today say that only international brands are able to provide them with this quality. On the contrary! They are even more than a third to Order more and more regularly products of local and national brands. And most intend to Order more in the future.


    Finally, what emerges from the various studies carried out on different consumer panels is that the custom food boxes with logos of international brands are generally considered to be more attractive than that of private brands.

     This necessarily plays on curiosity and perceived reliability. It’s up to you to choose the most suitable cardboard boxes and the most original designs. You know what you have to do!

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