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    There is also a wide selection of pastries, such as cakes, to make sure events are even more special. To do that, you need the most enticing custom cake boxes to grab the attention of those customers. Getting your customers to love your cake items requires investing in a whole new experience for them.

    The bakery business turns out to become even more popular as more brands enter the market. In addition to serving up the tastiest cake items, your printed cake boxes should be attractive to win customers’ hearts.

    But, many brands still think twice about custom boxes because they are still worried about their cost. In fact, you shouldn’t. Why? In this post, we will provide some tips on how to get affordable custom cake boxes and set aside your cash.

    Apply a Simple Design

    It may be too classic to be a trend, but the simple approach to design is actually a great way to represent the content of the box. Ultimately, this simple branding would create a stylish atmosphere of transparency and integrity. This is a good foundation for building a strong positive customer relationship.

    One thing to keep in mind is that the simple custom cake boxes are not boring at all. In fact, most simple package designs are used by many brands to offer multiple choices and attract more customers without sacrificing simplicity. A lot of bakery brands today have come to prefer simple and sometimes cartoon-like illustrations to follow this trend.

    • Simple color blocks

    Some illustrations, such as simple color blocks, can produce familiar images that resemble online icons. However, the possibility of personalizing a printed packaging box can turn even the most uncomplicated drawing style into a scene with a creative look.

    There are countless bakery brands on the market offering the best cakes in custom packaging boxes. The market customers will be spoiled by a lot of choices when they visit any cake shop or retail store. However, they always opt for the most appealing option. Well, the simple design of the packaging box is the most practical way. Its undoubtedly simple design is sure to win your customers’ hearts anyway.

    • Apply a window shape

    In fact, its simplicity makes it one of the best packaging designs in the industry. Instead of printing and personalizing, opt for custom cake boxes with windows. This has a more significant impact on your prospected customers. Or, choose a brightly colored, simple box with your brand logo as another direct way to stand apart from others.

    Determine the Exact Size and Thickness of the Boxes

    The personalization trend in the packaging industry is helping many brands achieve the perfect packaging they really need. You could design boxes of any size and shape to meet your product specifications and ensure that your boxes continue to sell. In addition to that, you could also select the perfect design to reflect your brand identity. 

    For example, if you want custom printed cake boxes, you could work with an experienced packaging service provider to customize the box. This will help your business as you would not have to pay for extra materials to make your cake boxes. Instead, you pay only for the materials you require.

    Custom cake boxes are usually slightly more expensive as most are made of cardboard. Therefore, you should adjust the thickness and make them thinner and lighter. You will be amazed at how light your boxes are and still be able to protect your cake items. 

    To be noted, the high quality is precisely the same, so you would not lose your understanding. The only thing that makes a big difference is the cost or expenses of these custom boxes. In this way, the boxes can be made lighter while maintaining a consistent density and high product quality related to safety and reliability. The thinner the material, the less you will have to take out your cash.

    Choose a Specific Size

    Choosing a specific size for your packaging boxes is an economically smart way to save your budget. Make sure you are using the correct size for the cake boxes wholesale. The unnecessary additional packaging would only increase cost and waste.

    Make sure to perfectly measure your cakes components to determine the exact size of your boxes. This way, you can save even more by reducing your shipping and printing cost per piece. Keep in mind that over-packaging is a significant cause of high costs. Besides, reducing the size of the box saves money and attracts more customers if everything is done perfectly.

    In this modern lifestyle, we can see how environmental waste is becoming an even bigger problem than at any other time in history. Hence, all you need is a simple packaging box with shrink wrap (or other packaging material) to wrap your appetizing cake items. This increases the probability of environmentally conscious customers choosing and purchasing your cake items.

    Understand Your Targeted Customers

    As a cake business owner, you know that damaged items will definitely disappoint your beloved customers or cause returns. In this case, your delicious cake items must be appropriately packaged and shipped. 

    As a brand owner, you know precisely that you need to build strong relationships with your customers. Accordingly, they will continue to purchase cakes from you. Poor packaging and defective shipping are the significant causes of product damage. Thus, both of them must be overcome to avoid return issues. In fact, this point should be the first step for you before starting the packaging cycle. 

    Consider the most ideal custom cake boxes in bulk for your tasty cake items. After all, it is always a great idea to learn more about what to do and what to avoid. Keep in mind that you will also need to get feedback from your targeted customers. This way, you will be able to understand their needs and expectations. This will give you the optimum outcome and help you set a maximum budget in the long run.

    Order in Bulk

    Unless you’re just starting a cake business, buying in bulk is the most economical solution to set aside your cash. You can get more appropriate cake boxes wholesale if you buy them every year. Why? Because small orders are not eligible for more than some discount rates. 

    Therefore, if you receive a large quantity simultaneously, you will receive a significant discount offer because the supplier appreciates and trusts your promise. Accordingly, when budgeting, consider buying custom-made economical cake boxes in bulk. Believe it or not, it will undoubtedly help your business in the long run. 

    Make sure you have enough cake packaging supplies next month. Consequently, do not overdo it by ordering a massive number of boxes at the beginning of the month. Packaging service providers often offer significant discounts at the end of the month, so you probably would not get a rebate at that point. So keep an eye on your order and wait until the end of the month to do it. 

    Custom Cake Boxes in Bulk

    Ordering cake boxes in bulk would definitely save you a lot of money. This basically means the more you order, the more you would save. It would be an intelligent budget savings system. However, this requires working with a reliable packaging service provider such as Silver Edge Packaging. 

    Many well-known and large brands are taking advantage of bulk buying. It will be an excellent idea to test the box and make you 100% sure about it. A small package heart-shaped cake box in the market could be a simple test for you to try. 

    Many packaging service suppliers offer 100 small boxes. This encourages your cake business to analyze the package design. In the end, it will help you figure out which parts of the box are familiar to customers. As well as what customers neglect from your cake items.

    Partner With a Professional Packaging Company

    Last but not least, to reduce the costs and get affordable boxes, you need to choose a trusted packaging provider. A professional packaging company like Silver Edge Packaging offers the best price and a variety of custom cake boxes.

    Even better, we also provide a minimal spend personalization. You can be relaxed and assured while we, a professional company, will care for all your packaging needs. We would also offer discounts on your cake boxes in bulk orders. Best of all, we even offer a free shipping service to get your cake boxes delivered right to your doorstep!

    On the other hand, you can apply your imaginative ideas if you want to design your own cake boxes. Additional fees may be required to use the service. However, it is worth the effort and results in you would get. In fact, it would be much easier to invest in the perfect position than to redo the packaging design repeatedly.

    With Silver Edge Packaging, you would also get the best guidance and design assistance, free of charge. Well, what could be better than this? Whether you are a beginner or an established bakery brand, you should always make sure that the cost of packaging does not exceed the total cost of the product.

    This is the main reason to work with a trusted packaging manufacturer or service provider. Working with us not only helps your business get the most affordable cake boxes wholesale. More than that, it helps you develop your marketing and branding strategies.

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