Complete Guide to Clothing Hang Tags Design

Complete Guide to Clothing Hang Tag Design Intro
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    When it comes to clothing, we all know that first impressions really count. You wouldn’t believe it, but those little things called clothing hang tags can actually make or break a sale. Well, they might seem like a tiny detail, but they are, indeed, highly essential. But what are they? Read a complete guide to clothing hang tags design, including the materials, sizes, examples, and templates below!

    What Is a Hang Tag?

    Alright, let’s start with the basics. A hang tag is a small piece of cardstock or paper attached to your clothing with a string or plastic tag. However, do note that it’s not just there for decoration. More than that, it serves some important purposes.

    What are they?


    These custom clothing swing tags are like your clothing’s business card. They show off your logo, brand name, and design style. Thus, they work very well in helping customers remember and recognize your products.

    Product Info

    The right hang tag packaging will spill the beans on your clothing. For example, you can provide the size, what it’s made of, how to wash it, and how much it costs. In brief, it will be super handy for helping customers decide what to buy.

    Looking Professional

    Well-designed hang tags add a touch of class to your clothes and can make a big difference.


    Believe it or not, custom hang tags are perfect for marketing. Yes, you can use them to advertise special deals, tell your brand’s story, or get people buzzing about your clothing products on social media.

    In simple words, they are pretty important for your clothing products to shine!

    What Materials Are Used to Design Hang Tags for Clothing?

    Now, let’s jump into the hang tag material. Hang tags come in all sorts of materials. Accordingly, choosing the right one can make a world of difference.

    Here are some of the most common options you can choose from!

    • Cardstock

    Cardstock hang tag

    Cardstock is a popular choice because it is very durable and flexible. Better yet, you can get it in different thicknesses and choose between glossy or matte finishes. Thus, it will be perfect for showcasing your brand.

    • Recycled paper

    Recycled paper

    If you’re all about being eco-friendly, recycled paper is your best choice. This paper is good for the planet. Most importantly, it will give your tags a unique texture and look.

    • Kraft paper

    Kraft paper

    Kraft paper comes with that rustic, natural vibe. Thus, it is great if your brand is going for a vintage or organic style. Plus, you can get creative with different printing techniques on this one.

    • Fabric hang tags

    Fabric hang tags 

    Fabric hang tags for clothing can add a touch of class with their tactile feel. Consider using silk, satin, or cotton. The best part is that you can even print or embroider them.

    In the end, remember that the choice of material should match your brand’s identity and the type of clothes you’re selling. Also, keep in mind the look, feel, and your budget when picking materials.

    How to Measure Hang Tag Size in Inches?

    How to Measure Hang Tag Size in Inches?

    Well, it’s time to sizing your hang tags. Indeed, getting the size right is important for both looks and practicality.

    So, here is what you should do!

    Think About Your Clothes

    You must consider the clothes your hang tags are going on. Remember, small tags might disappear on big, bulky jackets. On the other hand, huge tags could overwhelm delicate dresses. Thus, make sure you pay attention to the tag size to fit your clothing.

    Choose the Right Shape

    Hang tags can be all sorts of shapes, like rectangles, squares, circles, or even custom shapes. In this context, you should choose the one that suits your brand and your clothing’s design.

    Measure the Dimensions Accurately

    Take your trusty measuring tape and figure out the width and height of your hang tag in inches. Make sure that it will be big enough to show off your branding, product info, and any extra design touches.

    String Length Matters

    If you are using a string or ribbon to attach your tags, don’t forget to factor in its length when deciding the overall size. For sure, you will want it to hang comfortably without wrecking the clothes.

    Plan Your Clothing Hang Tags Design

    Once you get those measurements down, it’s time to plan your design. Make sure there will be enough space for your logo, brand name, product details, and care instructions. Also, you should consider having some space to add some extra bits.

    Test It Out

    Before you commit to a size, you should create a mockup or hang tag examples. This will help you see how it will look on your clothes. Of course, you can make any changes if you need to.

    How to Create Hang Tags?

    Now, let’s get into how you can actually create these unique hang tags. The good thing is that it’s not as complicated as it might seem.

    Here’s a step-by-step guide to creating your own hang tags!

    Get Your Design On

    Create a design that speaks about your brand, with your logo, brand name, and colors all front and center.

    Add the Essentials

    Add in the product details, like size, fabric, care instructions, and the price. Also, you need to make sure it will all be easy to read.

    Fonts and Colors

    Choose fonts and colors that match your brand’s style. Definitely, you want your tags to look professional, right? So, make sure to go for legible fonts and good contrast between text and background.

    Get Visual

    Make your hang tags pop with visuals that match your brand’s vibe. This could be illustrations, patterns, or images that tell your brand’s story.

    Printing Choices

    Decide on a printing method based on your budget and the look you’re going for. Don’t worry, you get some options like digital printing, offset printing, and letterpress. However, remember that each option comes with its own level of detail and quality.

    Select Materials

    Choose the right material to print on, depending on your brand’s style and budget. Think about the choices like cardstock, recycled paper, or fabric.

    If your design includes strings or ribbons, you should attach them to your hang tags. Just make sure they are secure but not too tight so they will not wreck your clothes.

    Tag It On

    Last but not least, attach your hang tags to your clothing products. You can use plastic tags, safety pins, or whatever works best without messing up the fabric.

    Creative Tips to Design Your Own Clothing Tags

    Creative Tips to Design Your Own Clothing Tags

    Are you ready to design your clothing tags?

    Check out some creative tips below!

    Stick to Your Brand

    Keep your design in line with your brand. To do this, you should put consistency in fonts, colors, and images. This way, your tags will help people remember who you are.

    Simplicity Rules

    Complex designs can be overwhelming. So, keep it simple and easy to read, with just the important stuff.

    Picture Perfect

    If you’re using images, make sure they are high-resolution and crystal clear. After all, blurry images will never do your brand any favors.

    Texture Matters

    Textured materials or embossed elements can make your hang tags more memorable.

    Eco-Friendly Vibes

    If you’re all about sustainability, you can use eco-friendly materials and printing methods for your hang tags. Trust me, it will show you care about the environment.

    Try Different Designs

    Play around with a few different designs and get some feedback from friends or potential customers. Remember, fresh eyes can spot things you might have missed.

    Be Flexible

    Design your tags to work with all kinds of clothes, from casual wear to fancy stuff. Yes, flexibility is key.

    Consider Unique Shapes

    Unique shapes can make your tags stand out. So, don’t be afraid to get creative and tie it into your brand’s style.

    Don’t Forget the Back Side

    While the front is the star, you should not ignore the back side of your hang tags. In fact, you can use it for care instructions or maybe even a QR code that links to your website.

    Get a Clothing Hang Tag Design Template to Help You Out

    Alright, if all this talk about design is making you nervous, don’t worry. There are templates out there to save the day.

    Here are some places where you can find them!

    • Online design tools

    Websites like Canva and Adobe Spark have tons of templates that you can tweak to match your brand.

    • Print shops and online printing services

    Printing companies such as Silver Edge Packaging often offer templates that match their printing processes. So, check out if your chosen service has hang tag templates that you can use.

    Overall, templates will make life a whole lot easier. Most importantly, you can still make them unique by adding your branding elements and style.

    Wrapping Up

    Without any doubt, those small things called clothing hang tags can actually make or break a sale. However, if you design them properly, it will be very easy to catch attention and grab more sales. Well then, hopefully, this complete guide helps you to get a better understanding of these items.

    Have fun with your design!

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