What are the latest trends in pizza box packaging?

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    The packaging of food is as crucial in the food industry as the products themselves as custom pizza boxes. The packaging of food helps in the marketing of the products and also increases the shelf life. It also assists in the transport of the food material at long distances. Therefore, if you know the latest trends in the packaging of food, then you can easily outrange the market.

    The best and latest trends are also important in the pizza industry. Here, we will go through some latest trends in the packaging of the pizza industry that are popular nowadays.

    Technology-Enabled packaging

    Technology-enabled packaging is the best method for packaging food materials. Customized pizza boxes wholesale are using the concept of smart packaging these days. The technology-enabled packaging enables us to get security and additional information. Moreover, the food packaging boxes also come with QR codes.

    These QR codes on the food packaging boxes provide additional information about the product. Mobile phones can scan these QR codes to extract the information. Besides, smart custom boxes also track many parameters which include temperature, a measure of freshness, and pH. It can also interpret the quality of food and maintenance of health standards.

    Emotional Engagement

    The consumers of the food products want to get more than the desired product. Research has shown that the expression of emotions has a significant effect on consumers. The emotions are more impactful as compared to the information. Therefore, emotions should be taken into account while making decisions for the food brand and packaging boxes.

    Nowadays, the use of emotional content is of prime use in advertisements and social media ads. The positive use of sentiments in the advertisement in the advertisement and pizza boxes helps to attract consumers. For example, the advertisement of printed pizza boxes shows the use of health beneficial ingredients in the food material.

    Increased Portability

    The increased portability is also an important trend in the box packaging for people who have an on-the-go lifestyle. They want to carry out the food product in a packaging box that is easy to carry. To cope with this requirement, there have been made boxes that have a hook for carrying easily. This hooked box can easily be carried by hanging to the handlebar.

    Therefore, foldable pizza boxes have been made to facilitate portability. The consumers can carry larger amounts with them without extra effort.


    The personalization of the product has become the most important part these days. It is a leading trend in the fast-food industry nowadays. The customers want to get personalized products. The need for personalization has increased with the increase in the speed of production of food products.

    Therefore, it has become a reality to personalize by printing the packaging boxes with the name and brand. However, the use of personalization has an implementation in some of the food brands in the fast-food industry. The customization options are also there in which pizza boxes are on the top of the list.

    Gradient Coloring

    Gradient coloring is the most attractive element for consumers. It has been shown that the color and shape of the packaging material are the two attractive aspects in the packaging of the food materials. The use of gradient color increases the beauty and attractiveness of the design. The graphics are also an important component of the gradient’s use in the packaging.

    In the pizza boxes, the use of gradients inculcates the complexity and depth of the packaging material. Therefore, gradient coloring is the most significant source of bringing attention to shelf products. However, it is crucial to utilize the appropriate color and gradient in the pizza boxes.

    Vintage-Inspired Designs

    The pizza boxes packaging with vintage designs have great value in the market. These vintage designs are a sign of happy feelings for people. They also refer to memorable times. The word vintage is an indication of a design or a time in the past. However, that is the memorable time or combination of ideas.

    These vintage designs are a source of evoking delicious emotions in the customers. They remind them of the times they have not experienced. Therefore, the use of colors indicating past times is used in the vintage-inspired designs.

    Smart Packaging

    The smart packaging for the pizza boxes has the use of QR codes and chip technology. The use of augmented reality also adds to the smart packaging. In the advertising industry, the use of the latest and inventive technology has more significant use. The interactive and creative methods of packaging the boxes are due to the latest technology.

    The smart packaging uses the tracking of food materials. It also changes the way customers are interacting with the food products and packaging of the food objects. Therefore, smart packaging is a type of packaging that will continue to evolve and grow with the advent of advanced technology.

    What do you mean by food packaging?

    The process of protecting the food items from the harms of environmental factors is called food packaging. The packaging of food protects it from physical as well as chemical factors. So, the basic purpose of food packaging is to prevent contamination of food. There are many types of food packaging according to the environment and food items.

    However, active packaging of food is the most common type of packaging. The main benefit of this packaging is the preservation of food from the fluctuations in the environment.

    Good Packaging is Recyclable

    The best property of good food packaging is its eco-friendly feature. Always prefer to Order environment-friendly boxes whether these are custom boxes with logocustom cake boxes, custom soap boxes, or custom pillow boxes.

    What is the name of the plastic thing in pizza boxes?

    Pizza saver is the plastic thing present in the middle of the custom pizza boxes with logo. This plastic thing prevents the pizza from being stick to the upper part of the box. This pizza savor is circular in the shape. The invention of pizza savor occurred in 1983 when a patent was seen for that thing of plastic.

    Why are pizza boxes not circular?

    The customized pizza boxes are not circular. They are rather square-shaped. The reason is that they have use of cardboard sheets for their manufacturing. The circular box with the cardboard will not fit and will be difficult to maintain. Moreover, in the square pizza box, there are spaces at the corners helping in lifting the food slice.

     Why are there holes in pizza boxes?

    There are holes on the side of the pizza boxes. These holes are a part of the process of preventing the contamination of food. The reason is that pizza boxes in bulk have placement in the fabric bags. These bags can block the entry of air. The holes in boxes ensure the constant stream of air that will prevent the contamination of food.

    What makes a successful packaging design?

    The success of the packaging design lies in the uniqueness of the design. There should be a unique feature of the design that attracts the customers towards itself. However, we can add uniqueness in different ways. When the packaging design has attracted the customers, now it is up to product quality to sustain them.

     Each of us loves when delicious flavored pizza is delivered to them directly at home. But few people thought that much depends on the pizza box during delivery. If you cook juicy and aromatic pizzas, we will make reliable pizza boxes for you that will keep it intact.

    We Manufacture Best Pizza Boxes in Bulk

    We make cardboard boxes for pizza exclusively from environmentally friendly materials, such as micro-corrugated cardboard, which, due to its thickness, retains its strength and does not soften, and also keeps the temperature well so that pizza lovers get their treat while still hot.

    A hole is created in the top lid of the pizza box to help reduce moisture inside the carton. And also the perfect square shape visually makes the pizza bigger, which is an excellent non-standard marketing ploy.

    Manufacturing technology

    The technological process is equivalent to the production of paper: raw materials are cast, grinded, pressed and dried. The difference is that coarse and hard material is selected for cardboard:

    • waste paper;

    • semi-cellulose;

    • sulfate cellulose;

    • and wood pulp.

    Cardboard can be single and multi-layer. For the second option, in order to reduce the price of the final product, the inner layers are made of cheap compositions, and the outer layers are made of durable and expensive ones.

    The quality of the cardboard pizza box is determined by the following parameters:

    • thickness;

    • the weight;

    • moisture and moisture absorption criteria;

    • electrical insulating properties;

    • deformation.

    Custom boxes with logo increase customer Loyalty

    To increase customer loyalty, a logo print is ordered on the pizza box, as well as basic contact information. Thus, we create customized pizza boxes especially for you. Our experts will create for you a pizza box of the required size and color so that customers will remember you and they would be pleased to receive goods from your shop.

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