The Latest Trends for Cigarette Boxes – What to Look Out

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    The cigarette market industry is, without any doubt, the most profitable market many brands will do anything to win it. Each cigarette brand comes out with a different strategy and tactic to grab the market’s customers. Cigarette boxes, in this context, come up as the most effective marketing tool for many cigarette brands. If you wish to take part in this fierce competition (and eventually win it), you need to follow the latest trends for designing empty cigarette boxes.

    Why Does Your Brand Need to Follow the Market Trends?

    Before we dive further into the trends for cigarette boxes, perhaps you might be wondering, why do you need to follow the trends actually? Well, many reasons for this!

    Smoking has become a common habit in these modern days. In fact, many modern smokers do not consider smoking a deviant act. In the past days, smoking cigarettes was limited to the elite class. These days, anyone can get cigarettes in many stores.

    To attract those customers, your cigarette boxes must be beautiful and antique. Why? Because product packaging has been playing an important role in the success of any brand, cigarette brands are not excluded. Thus, if you wish to create your own brand identity, you need to make your boxes to be stylish and unique. You can eventually try to attract more buyers with the help of your creative boxes.

    Your empty cigarette boxes are the silent salesmen to promote your cigarette items and brand. Brand identification leads to final sales as the boxes remove the barriers to first communication with customers. Below are some reasons for your brand to follow the market trends.

    Attractive presentation = higher sales

    You might have heard this many times but, yes, your product packaging is the first communication from your brand to customers. Looking at the average person’s purchasing behavior, customer retention is directly proportional to exceptional product packaging.

    Just the same as other customers in other markets, your customers want to get something different and unique. This point itself makes many cigarette brands need to differentiate themselves. Eventually, your product packaging is the first step can introduce your brand. Compared to other products, the loyalty of the cigarette brand is insanely high. In fact, the customers in this market rarely divert their tastes to another brand.

    Cigarettes today resemble pride and confidence for many smokers. Thus, to get higher sales, make sure you display an attractive product presentation.

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    Your product packaging reflects the value of your cigarettes

    As a brand, you surely know that the value of your products can be seen by the outside appearance. Customers can never open and get their cigarettes before purchasing them. Thus, it is your product packaging that plays a role here.

    On the other hand, those customers will have only 5 to 7 seconds to explore your product packaging. In this regard, you have to be smart. If you can design the product packaging that will reflect the good value of your cigarettes, you will have more chances to grab more customers in the market. Those smokers consider cigarettes to be a symbol of confidence. So, why don’t you give them more confidence by purchasing from your brand?

    What Are the Trends?

    You can never ignore the trends in the cigarette market industry if you wish to upgrade your cigarette brand. So, now that you know the reasons to follow the market trends, you surely would love to know the latest trend for cigarette boxes. Here are some of them!

    Apply Innovation to Your Empty Cigarette Boxes

    Applying innovations to your empty cigarette boxes, you can make a great impression that your brand is modern. For example, in the cigarette market industry, technological advances have also introduced new products. We know this new product as an electronic cigarette.

    Just same as all other products, their packaging boxes are innovative. These excellent boxes are specially designed to store them. In this way, both brands and customers can differentiate your brand from the ocean of thousands of others. These boxes typically show the depth of your products visually. By having these types of boxes, you can reduce the advertising costs for new products.

    Unique Designs Will Always Rock the Market

    Again, we know that cigarettes are symbols of confidence. Thus, the design of your packaging boxes, in this case, must be unique and creative. Your packaging should look both professional and luxurious. In addition, we can see that there is a growing tendency to use custom packaging.

    In order to add a luxurious touch to your packaging boxes, you can choose custom printing. This style will help you emphasize the exclusiveness of your cigarettes. When you hire a packaging team such as Silver Edge Packaging, you will be informed about a variety of custom unique style cigarette boxes. Achieving your own brand identity is obviously not an easy task. On the other hand, your product packaging can really help to attract more and more customers.

    Flip-Top Boxes Are Still In the Trend

    The use of flip-top box style is becoming a trend. The best part is, you can create different styles for your boxes. Our experts can give you the best knowledge and instructions for designing stylish and antique custom cigarette boxes.

    What’s more, if you want to stand out in the cigarette market, an empty flip-top box style is a great way to add a classy look to your packaging. What’s more, we all know how color plays an important role in giving your packaging box a trendy and professional look. You can go with a white, blue, or black color to creatively design the luxurious look of your packaging box. Meanwhile, if you want your custom packaging box to look more stylish, you can apply bold colors.

    Pre-Roll Boxes with Advertising Styles

    When you design the boxes for your cigarettes, your priority should be to provide reliable and high-quality packaging boxes. When it comes to getting premium and decent packaging for you to use, beautiful pre-roll boxes will be a need for the day.

    Not only that these boxes are unique. More than that, they have the power to give your cigarette items a more elegant look. Attracting customers with your beautiful custom print box will increase your sales and profits. Designing the right packaging box is a perfect way to add a classy and personalized look to your cigarette items. If you wish to increase your sales, you need to make sure that your cigarettes have a wow product presentation.

    Protection and Presentation Are Linked Into Your Kraft Cigarette Boxes

    Just the same as other products, the main purpose of Kraft cigarette boxes is product protection. Of course, cigarettes are typical items that can lose value and quality if exposed to water or moisture. For this reason, many cigarette brands have been designing the most durable boxes to protect their cigarettes from such factors.

    What’s more, cigarettes need to be shipped to another warehouse after you manufacture them. From there, again you will have to ship them to various stores. Then, your cigarettes will be readily available to customers.

    In these situations, even a slight squeezing on the pack can ruin your sensitive cigarettes. This is where your packaging boxes are important to protect them from these risk possibilities on long journeys. Yes, your boxes need to be presentable and protective at the same time.

    Elegant Ornaments Make the Boxes Look More Authentic

    Colorful ropes, crystal beads, and gold and silver stars are ornaments that offer a colorful appearance to your boxes. The use of a graphical interpretation of the design will also increase the product’s visual value. All additional decorative elements act as the best tool for filling the connection between your customers and your brand.

    By doing thorough research, it is always easy to develop some great ideas for designing your boxes with distant color schemes and designs. Or else, you can also go with window panels to clearly give great exposure to your cigarette items. These boxes will eventually show what your brand is promoting while keeping your customers happy.

    Work with an Expert Packaging Service Provider

    There are various types of cigarette boxes. Each product packaging box is a valuable option for promoting your cigarette items and brand. In addition, protective boxes will help a lot in securing your cigarette items during transit.

    Be especially careful to hire a packaging service provider. Make sure the company has experts who know how to display art in the box. Additionally, you should also compare the prices of the boxes with other providers. Then, you can make the final decision to order the right quantity of your boxes.

    Silver Edge Packaging is ready to assist you in getting the most impeccable boxes for your cigarette items. We will help you to design the boxes according to your necessities. Even better, our professionals will be up-to-date with the packaging trends in the market. By doing this, you can eventually expect to get colorful cigarette boxes with your own creativity.

    So, are you ready to hit the market? Simply give us a call now!

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