Custom Gold & Silver Foil Perfume Boxes

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Custom Gold and Silver Foil Perfume Boxes! The perfect packaging solution for designer perfumes! Perfectly fitting the size of most designer perfume bottles, these foil boxes are the ideal wrap to showcase your new scent designs.

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Have you ever thought about how much your perfume means to you?
It’s more than just a way to smell good. It’s a way to express yourself and make a statement about who you are. That’s why we think it’s important for your perfume to be packaged in the most beautiful container possible. Our custom gold & silver foil perfume boxes are the perfect way to show off your favorite fragrance—a new or an old classic.
These luxury-style boxes are designed specifically for perfumes, so they’ll protect their contents from leaking or getting damaged while they’re being stored away. You can choose between gold or silver foiling on these boxes, which will be customized with your name or logo on the top of the box.
Custom Rigid Perfume Boxes come in many different sizes, so whether you want a small box that fits into your purse or a larger one that sits on your dressing table, we have options that will work for you!

Our Custom Perfume Boxes Distinguish Your Brand

We offer various sizes and shapes to fit any product or brand! We use gold and silver foils and premium paper stocks to create a box that will add that special touch to your perfumes.
We are a custom perfume box manufacturer. Our boxes are made from high-quality materials and handcrafted with care. We offer custom printing and foil stamping on our perfume box’s front, back, and sides.
Custom Two Piece Perfume Boxes are available in gold or silver foil and various other colors. We can also add embossing to your perfume boxes for an additional fee.
Our perfume boxes make great gifts for bridesmaids, bridal parties, mothers-of-the-bride/groomsmen, and more!

Custom Perfume Boxes Make Your Product Look Stylish

The perfume boxes wholesale are simple and elegant, with a gold or silver foil finish. Custom gold & silver foil perfume boxes are the perfect way to store and present your perfume. You can find the right box for your brand with various shapes, sizes, and designs. The boxes are made from high quality cardboard that is sturdy enough to protect your perfume bottle. The top and sides are covered in metallic foil, reflecting light beautifully, making the box appear more expensive. The bottom of each box has a cut-out that allows you to easily remove your bottle from inside without spilling any liquid from inside onto your countertop or dresser top when removing it from its packaging.
These custom gold & silver foil perfume boxes come in a range of different sizes, so you can find one that fits perfectly with your bottle’s size, whether big or small! They also come in various colors, so choose one that best matches your brand’s color scheme for an eye-catching presentation!
The fact that they’re made from high-quality materials like real gold and silver means that they look good and feel great in hand, which can help boost customer confidence in your brand.

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