How To Mail A Bubble Mailer?

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    Boxes are durable and sturdy mediums to ship different items. Moreover, custom cosmetic packaging boxes come with different customization options to align with your brand requirements. When you don’t require a wide space, you can use a bubble mailer because the size of bubble mailers is suitable for smaller items. Moreover, you can also save a significant amount of money with the bubble boxes.

    Bubble mailers are stuffed and thin packaging boxes available in different sizes to reduce the packaging cost for shipment. They ensure the highest level of protection for products with bulk shipping costs. However, a bubble mailer can become a challenging packaging for you because of the packing process, weight limitation, and postage.

    What Is a Bubble Mailer?

    It is a plastic or paper container with a coating of bubble wrap to protect the items during the shipment. The dimensions of a bubble mailer are usually rectangular, and there are different sizes for the interior and exterior of the box. You need to consider the dimensions for choosing the perfect mailer packaging for your products according to the custom mailer boxes guide.

    These boxes are also known as padded envelopes because they use bubble wrap, paper, or foam to protect the inner side of the packaging. It is crucial to remember that a bubble mailer can be a padded envelope, but not every padded envelope can be a bubble mailer.

    Why Do You Use Bubble Mailers?

    Simple mailer boxes offer sustainability and protection. However, bubble mailers are versatile and lightweight boxes for shipping different items. A bubble mailer example is a box that ensures protection for hand-crafted items and jewelry. It means bubble mailers are the best choice for protecting fragile and small items, such as books, documents, jewelry, and CDs, during the transition.

    It is crucial to consider the mailer boxes because of the extra protection for fragile and non-fragile items. You need to choose these boxes to safeguard the different smaller items to avoid breakage and damage during the shipment process.  

    How To Order A Bubble Mailer?

    When you are looking to purchase a fantastic bubble mailer for your business to protect the items, you can consider Silver Edge Packaging to order your packaging. These amazing boxes are available in different colors and sizes with different customization options. So you can collaborate with our team to customize a box.

    We are allowing you to buy bubble mailers in bulk at the wholesale price without restriction of minimum order. Therefore, you can order your custom cosmetic packaging boxes in any quantity with the facility of free delivery to ensure a magnificent experience for your customers.

    How To Pack A Bubble Mailer Securely?

    The presence of a protective layer offers the ultimate protection for most items. It means you don’t need to add extra packaging in this mailer box for extra protection. However, your concerns for the safety of items are still valid. You use the available space of the mailer box to add the extra bubble wrapping layer for your fragile items. This extra protection will also result in the extra weight and increase the shipment cost.

    How to Ship a Bubble Mailer Safely?


    When you have chosen the perfect bubble mailer, you need to mail the bubble mailer safely. You need to follow the proper process for shipping your mailer, whether a pickup or a carrier. Let’s explore the shipping process in the easiest steps.

    Seal Your Mailer

    The first step is checking the box and ensuring the ultimate seal for protection during the transportation process. The secure seal ensures that items do not fall out due to ripping. 

    Use Label

    How to label a bubble mailer? Or, How to address a bubble mailer? You need to add the essential elements to the mailer boxes. The postage must be on the top right, the return address on the top left, and the shipment address on the center of mailer boxes. You can use the carrier labeling on these boxes.

    Send Your Bubble Box

    The schedule for pickup is necessary when you are using the carrier services for shipment. You are required to fill out the form online on the carrier website and print it out to attach to the mailboxes. After that, the carrier will come up to pick up and weigh your package at the office.

    How much does it cost to ship a bubble mailer? The carrier services have their own prices depending upon sizes and weights. The estimated shipment cost for shipping a bubble mailer box ranges from $1 to $30.

    How Many Stamps Do I Need On A Bubble Mailer?

    Do bubble mailers need stamps? If your bubble mailer box is an envelope with a weight of less than 1 ounce, you need to use a forever stamp of $0.55. Depending on the different factors, the bubble box containing 4 ounces can cost up to $3.74. You need around 7 forever stamps on your bubble mailer. 


    A bubble mailer is a great source for eliminating the high cost of shipping different items. You can consider the smallest bubble mailer size to deliver the smallest items to customers’ doorsteps. You can order the best packaging for your products from Silver Edge Packaging.  


    Do You Need A Shipping Label For A Bubble Mailer?

    Answer: Yes, a shipping label is necessary for the bubble mailer to print the crucial information, such as delivery address and postage, on the surface of the boxes.

    Can You Mail A Bubble Mailer With A Regular Stamp?

    Answer: Yes, you can mail a bubble mailer with a regular stamp if it is declared as an envelope. However, you need to use the different stamps if it is considered a package.

    How Much Does A Bubble Mailer Weight?

    Answer: A bubble mailer weight is around 0.8 oz.

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