How to Develop Your Brand with Custom Pillow Boxes

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    The business world is a very competitive environment today. That’s why it’s always good to be one step ahead of your competitors. As a brand, we spend a lot of energy and time providing our clients with excellent services and top products within their budget.

    On the other hand, have you ever wondered when customers actually start interacting with your brand? Their first, and perhaps long-term, recognition will undoubtedly be custom pillow boxes that you actually decide to use. When we buy something online or in a physical store, the first thing we look at is definitely it’s packaging. Pillow boxes are not an exception in this matter.

    Now imagine if your customers will see your custom pillow boxes with your brand logo. Of course, they could easily figure out the quality inside the boxes. Additionally, these packing boxes are a great source of increasing your business profit. Not convinced yet? In this article, we will discuss how to develop your brand with custom pillow boxes.

    Utilize a Variety of Customization Options

    To be noted, you can easily customize your own printed pillow boxes into any of your imaginative designs, sizes, and colors. Subsequently, these boxes would catch the attention of the crowd. That’s why these special boxes are just what you need to develop your brand.

    Many famous pillow manufacturer brands use these amazing boxes to promote their pillow items. In addition, the attractive appearance of the boxes will captivate the customers. So, you should definitely put your passion in order to customize your pillow boxes. Once you understand the possibilities of personalizing the box, your creativity will reach a higher level. However, packaging providers offer a variety of customizations for you. The most common options are:

    •         Coatings
    •         Foiling
    •         Windows
    •         Embossing
    •         Debossing
    •         Printing

    As simple as possible. Their impression comes from the product packaging. If you have high quality pillows, they should also be packed in high quality boxes. In this respect, if you use a bespoke box that is cleaner and more efficient. You will be able to make your customers understand it much better. This may not be the most important thing when it comes to product packaging, but remember that it adds value when customers see your pillow.

    Choose the Ideal Materials for Your Pillow Boxes

    The first step in assembling a box is to choose a material that is strong and durable. Be careful before making a final decision on this. There are many materials available in the market such as cardboard, cardstock, corrugated and kraft. First of all, cardboard is quite common. It is basically the material that makes the box solid. However, cardboard is flexible enough to make different types of boxes.

    One of the most annoying things about online shopping is that you have to search for the perfect deals, find reasonable prices and wait weeks (or months). Only to find damaged products when they arrive. This not only influences inconvenience for customers but also increases the cost of replacing damaged products and additional customer support.

    In particular, this reduces trust in the brand and can be irreversible or very expensive to restore. Custom pillow boxes printing allows you to get the best size and shape for your pillow items. In short, this type of box will ensure the safety of your items during transportation.

    • Cardboard

    For this part, cardboard is a good choice, as it is available in a variety of thicknesses. The best thickness to make a strong box is usually 14-22pt. This material meets all requirements for pillow boxes wholesale with no minimums for various pillow sizes, shapes and styles. As a result, these boxes would protect your pillow items longer.

    • Kraft

    Another good alternative, the kraft material, is easily accessible. This material is perfect for holding extreme and large objects. This material is best suited for a variety of printing styles. This improves the appearance of the pillow packaging.

    • Corrugated

    In addition to these materials, you can also consider using corrugated for your packaging box material. Not to mention, experienced packaging service providers such as Instant Custom Boxes will offer a number of additional features to make your box look more luxurious.

    For example, your custom pillow boxes can be die-cut, glued and perforated. In summary, you would get the perfect box that meets all your expectations.

    Use Alternative Printing Solutions

    You can use alternative printing solutions to make your custom pillow boxes even more attractive. The most common printing solutions are digital and offset printing. These methods have some criteria as well as some premium highlights. As an example, digital printing is used to print standard boxes, but the strategies and procedures are unique.

    On the other hand, offset printing offers high-quality printed pillow boxes at higher prices. Thus, when you need to print boxes in large quantities, you can use digital printing. This is because it uses less ink, which saves your budgets more. In short, digital printing is a smart way and at the same time, gives amazing results.

    Deliver After-Sales Support

    Our responsibility as a company does not end when a customer’s transaction is completed. Otherwise, you should also deliver after-sales support. Customers will subconsciously evaluate you as a brand when they receive their order.

    When they open your pillow which is safely protected in a branded box. You are at least giving them the confidence that your brand not only offers a great pillow. Also, takes a good care of it during transport. This makes it more likely that your customers will come back and recommend your pillow to others.

    Make Your Company Details Engraved on the Boxes

    Throughout the shipping process, your brand name is known to everyone who handles or sees your packaging. Don’t ignore how creatively designed custom pillow boxes can affect prospective customers before they realize it.

    Make your logo, company name, website URL, customer service contact information, and email address engraved on the boxes. Consequently, your pillow boxes will be clearly visible not only to your customers but also to the shipping staff, couriers handling the boxes, office assistant, security staff and anyone passing by. The checklist is endless, and so are the extra exhibits!

    Adding More Value

    The fact is that, due to their special nature, classy custom pillow boxes are much more valuable than plain brown boxes. Since these pillow boxes are durable and attractive, customers are more likely to recycle them. For storage purposes and ultimately to ensure your brand is directly visible in the long term.

    As a reminder, your company name and contact information should be legibly printed (may be printed on more than one part). You can even recommend the type of products that you are offering to your customers by incorporating some images.

    Consider the Cost You Can Save Over Time

    Custom Pillow Boxes are, of course, an advertising and marketing initiative. But they will also provide advantages. Custom boxes are inevitably more expensive than regular boxes, Yet, you shouldn’t ignore what you put in.

    In addition to the factors mentioned in this post, you should also consider the cost that you can save over time. However, working with Silver Edge Packaging allows you to adjust the size, shape, and strength to suit your pillow items. Theoretically speaking, this can save you budget over time by making the package more portable and lightweight.

    Encourage Your Customers to Share Their Unboxing Experiences

    When it comes to unboxing, there is a whole lot of content on social media dedicated to unboxing product packaging. In fact, a search for “unboxing” on YouTube yielded over 860,000 results, and almost 700,000 unboxing hashtags were used on Instagram.

    Therefore, if you want your brand to captivate more attention. You have to choose the perfect custom pillow boxes that can present your unique pillow items in the most professional manner. This is the only way you can amaze your potential customers and encourage them to share their unboxing experiences. As a result, you would gain a lot more exposure than before.

    Wrapping Up

    People love to share and see unique and aesthetic packaging and what’s inside. In fact, entire industries are built around influential people who get paid to talk about new and exciting products.

    Choosing custom pillow boxes over standard boxes can help you build the brand awareness and increase profits for your business. Accordingly, you need to use these boxes in order to develop your brand and business.

    For this, Silver Edge Packaging will be the best choice you could go for. We provide only the finest quality packaging and printing solutions for our clients. By ordering exceptional pillow boxes wholesale from us, you could ultimately strengthen your brand image. Not to mention, with appealing boxes for your quality pillow items, you can relax and watch your sales increase.

    You can choose reliable and durable packaging for your bespoke printed pillow boxes. By choosing to cooperate with us, you will gain many benefits and you will not have to worry about quality. Silver Edge Packaging only offers the best quality boxes to our esteemed clients. Plus, you would get these impeccable pillow boxes and Custom CBD Boxes with free shipping!

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