How to choose the best custom food boxes for your bakery?

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    The packaging dedicated to foods must meet very precise specifications to preserve the integrity and quality of the product. Each custom food boxes, in fact, must meet some safety requirements established by law, including:

    • Be inert, i.e. do not transfer any substance to the product
    • Protect the contents from external agents, from microbiological and chemical contamination and from deterioration
    • Allow for reuse or recycling
    • Provide the necessary information on the product and on the packaging itself
    • Be practical, resistant, and light

    Food packaging boxes are the most used material

    There are many food boxes on the market, and of many different materials, both for their conservation – for example, on the supermarket shelf – and for their transport.

    Among the most used materials, tin, aluminum, glass, expanded polystyrene, polyethylene, and paper or cardboard. Plastic, in its many forms, is still very present but the goal of common feeling and regulation in ecological matters, even in Europe, is to replace it with biodegradable materials.

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    To give an idea of ​​the number of types of food packaging, just think that even in the paper and cardboard category there are various custom food boxes with logo. Majorly, it depends on the food sector of use: polylaminate paper, oiled or paraffin paper, polythene, Bellagio , pergamin and others.

     Are customized boxes for food recyclable?

    Recycled paper and cardboard can also be used, even if the material must not come into direct contact with the product.

    For packaging dedicated to the transport of food, as well as for those intended for their conservation, there are many directives to follow in order to achieve a more sustainable lifestyle for the planet. Therefore less invaded by plastic and more focused on attention for ecology.

    For some years now, in fact, the “heavy” bags for transporting food have to be produced in compostable material. For over two years, even the “light” bags – designed for products from fishmongers, bakeries, fruit and vegetables and butchers – must have the same characteristics.

    Why prefer cardboard food packaging?

    Both in an ecological and sustainable key and for the ability to respond effectively to specific needs such as avoiding spoilage and food waste, cardboard custom food boxes  packaging in bulk is to be preferred for several reasons:


    Custom Cardboard packaging has a high recycling rate and a very high recovery rate. In addition to this, cardboard is more sustainable from the start, as producing cardboard boxes involves much less energy consumption than producing other materials used for food packaging.

     Customized boxes can provide better food protection

    Cardboard, especially some types such as corrugated cardboard custom food boxes, is a perfect material to protect the most fragile objects: just think of the egg carton! The latter is a winning example of food packaging both for its design, unchanged from the 1930s and for its ability to fulfill the function for which it was created. 

    Shape and size are closely linked to its content, and also the fact that it is made of cellulose pulp to be tactile more wrinkled and therefore have more grip. The American-style boxes and the die-cut ones they are containers that guarantee high protection for the foods they contain.


     The cardboard is light and practical, easy to handle. Most of the carton packs for food transport are also equipped with handles.


    Cardboard is a versatile material, which allows you to create boxes of the most varied shapes. Furthermore, personalizing a cardboard box for food with the logo and colors of your company transforms it into a real advertising tool to increase brand awareness and make yourself known faster.

    Pastry box packaging: a sweet guide tailored for you

    For the pastry sector there is a need to create special packaging, which can better protect the content but at the same time has a functional aesthetic.

    In detail, by “functional aesthetics” we mean the production of a packaging that transmits the values ​​and characteristics of the brand, which is beautiful to look at but which is also comfortable to carry. Here are some tips for making high-quality pastry boxes.

    How to choose a food box with logo?

    The customized food box with logo can be made with a box with a flap opening, which can also contain fairly heavy sweets that do not need to be transported by supporting the part underneath.


    If you need to take up as little space as possible, the ideal choice can be represented by the folding boxes for cakes with handles, to facilitate transport. Also in this case it is possible to receive products of different sizes.

    How to choose a box for chocolates, cookies and pastries?

    If our pastry shop produces biscuits, chocolates, and classic desserts in the miniature format, the best choice could be represented by a box with a flap opening, which also offers a scenic presentation of the product.

    In the case of biscuits and dry pastries, made with products and gaskets that can be overlapped, then you can choose a box with a suitcase shape.

    This type of realization can also be put into practice for those sweets that have a primary box packaging, as happens for example for macarons, which can be arranged vertically in the various colors and arranged according to taste, for a surprise in the name of the dessert.

    Naples die-cut boxes for food

    Jams, honey, and artisanal jams: how to enhance the product?

    Creams, honey, jams, and mousses are preparations that often already have glass packaging, which allows preserving the organoleptic properties of the product.

    Now, in the event that these products are to be exhibited in a secondary packaging that still enhances their characteristic features, such as the color and the glass jar, you can choose boxes with a window, which show “a preview”.

    Finally, food boxes in bulk can be made either by following the American box model or by choosing custom sizes and designs, thus creating a die-cut box.

    How to decorate a custom food box with logo for a company?

    Whatever the choice, the box can be decorated with graphics and logos, so as to give the packaging an appearance in line with the brand’s values.

    At the same time, since this is a product that comes into contact with food, inks suitable for the purpose are used for printing and coloring the box, so as not to contaminate the pastry product.

    How to choose the perfect cardboard boxes for food?

    Preserving the quality of food is a problem for anyone offering take-away food service, or anyone who simply wants to store food. 

    To ensure that the quality of the food remains unchanged and that the heat does not disperse, you need a suitable box. 

    The best solution for food is the cardboard box

    Why choose the cardboard box? 

    Cardboard boxes have specific characteristics that are perfect for food. 

    The custom cardboard box for food allows you to: 

    •  Keep the quality unchanged
    • Keep the food warm, as the carton helps not to lose heat
    • Being transported comfortably, an advantage both for those who receive the delivery and for those who transport it.

    By choosing a cardboard box for food, customers will be more satisfied. 

    The fundamental thing is that thanks to the cardboard boxes, the consumer will be able to enjoy the same flavor of a dish prepared at the moment, eliminating the differences that are usually found when the food is to take away. 

    The cardboard box: an environmental choice 

    The other great feature that makes the cardboard box the perfect container for food, in addition to those already listed is the fact that it is environmentally friendly. 

    The cardboard is in fact entirely recyclable and even in its working process, the consumption of resources is reduced to a minimum. 

    Using a cardboard box will not harm the environment and will avoid the consumption of plastic. 

    Which cardboard food box to choose? 

    Cardboard boxes are essential of two types, die-cut or American. The punched box is the one that allows you to be more personalized. 

    Each company will be able to customize its container, in order to distinguish itself from competitors and increase customer loyalty. 

    Each product needs its packaging to appeal to the public, to stand out among many other products.

    A personalized box is much more than a simple container, it is the means by which your product makes itself seen and known. An anonymous box will not attract a customer, a personalized box will.

    This is why it is important to have a custom-made box.

    What is a punched cardboard box?

    The die-cut boxes stand out from the American ones, precisely because they are customizable.

    The American box, in fact, is produced with cuts on a single sheet of cardboard, while the punched box is made thanks to special cuts, which are made through a special die.

    That’s why the die-cut box allows you to have the shape you want.

    The importance of personalized packaging for food

    A punched box can be customized in every single aspect:

    In the form using the one you prefer and that you think will be more convincing for your customers. In the aesthetic aspect, use the colors you consider most appropriate or insert your company logo.

    In portability, you can decide the weight, to ensure that your custom food box packaging is also light. In safety, you will be able to create a box that is safe, does not break, and withstands shocks. In this way you will convey to future customers an idea of ​​reliability.

    Personalized custom food box is key to your brand

    In the increasingly competitive world, we live in, the customization of your product packaging cannot be underestimated.

    This is why the corrugated cardboard custom food box is perfect for carrying out this task, as it is customizable in the many aspects we have already talked about, and it is also ecological.

    More and more people are buying more consciously than a few years ago. People are wondering about the impact their purchase has on the environment.


    By using a die-cut cardboard food box as packaging, which is 100% recyclable, you will also have the advantage of making ecological packaging.

    In this way you will be able to bring even the most environmentally conscious customers closer, helping to preserve the fate of our planet.

    To make the boxes for your pastry shop, contact Silver Edge Packaging, the specialists in customized packaging, immediately. Our company will meet your needs by creating a product fully in line with your interests. Find out everything we can do for you.

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