How to bring more money value in Custom Food Box Packaging?

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    According to a survey conducted in the United States, 52% of customers are thinking of Ordering again from stores that offer custom food boxes for their products.

    In addition, the survey also noted that 35% of respondents have already discovered new brands by observing other people interacting with packaging.

    Custom food boxes are an inexpensive way of branding

    Personalized packaging is able to demonstrate to the consumer the concern and care that the brand has when delivering the product. In addition, it is an inexpensive and effective medium for marketing your company.

    Having striking and recognizable quality

    Now that you know the impact that a well-made packaging can have on your consumers, we must now talk about the importance of its quality.

    There is no point in your custom food boxes packaging having a pleasant aesthetic and promoting your brand, if its quality is doubtful and impairs your customer’s experience.

    Ensuring a high level of production is very important, always aligning good functionality to the item.

    How to Order food packaging that ensures Best Result

    When choosing custom packaging for your products, ensure that the material used is ideal for their conservation and protection, taking into account issues such as weight, humidity, contact with light, and heat.

    In addition, it is essential to see if it behaves optimally. Organize the components in the packaging in a nice and planned way and make sure that the size of the package or box is also ideal for it, without leaving it too loose or too tight.

    How does corporate sustainability add value to the brand?

    Initially, it is important to understand that corporate sustainability adds value to a business’s brand. For instance, there are eco-friendly custom pizza boxes, custom cake boxes, and custom bakery boxes are found in abundance. Obviously, this is an added benefit, since the main reason that should lead an entrepreneur to think about this process is the care for the environment.

    This is everyone’s responsibility, however, some companies have great impacts on the ecosystem and need to compensate in some way or take some measures to reduce this negative impact on nature.

    Custom food boxes sustainability has been a topic debated for years and, although some entrepreneurs have not yet opened their eyes to this need, it has been very well accepted by others who understood the importance of this.

    Why is sustainable packaging important in the food industry?

    On the other hand, there is a considerable gain in terms of the way the market sees companies that are concerned with sustainability. It is common to find consumers who prefer brands that have this concern to spend their money, so it is very worthwhile to set aside capital to apply sustainability.

    This aspect can even be seen as a kind of investment by many entrepreneurs, we will discuss in more detail on this point in another topic of this article. Keep reading!

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    How to use sustainable food packaging?

    A major challenge for entrepreneurs who are concerned with the quality of the products or services provided and the environment is to produce sustainable custom food boxes packaging. After all, they need to be made of elements that, in addition to being natural, cannot interact negatively with the products that are stored.

    Therefore, there are some materials suitable for this use and we will discuss the main ones in the next topics.

    Coconut fiber

    Coconut fiber is a packaging that has been widely explored by the Brazilian industry to store food. In addition to the ease of handling and, mainly, the existence of many plantations of this product in Brazil, it has been one of the favorites to gain wide use by companies.

    In fact, the packaging was a finalist in a worldwide contest that rewards creations that contribute to sustainability. In addition to replacing plastic, the use of this type of packaging also solves another serious problem.

    Coconut fiber, even if it is a totally organic material, takes about 10 years to decompose, occupying large spaces in landfills. The use of this material for making packaging would solve these two problems at once.

    Recycled paper

    Another food packaging boxes in bulk model widely used for food is recycled paper. It can consist of conserved remains and free of harmful agents to health or produce from seeds found in nature.

    Recycled paper is more suitable for making labels and not for storing food products, given that in some cases they may contain toxic elements that can contaminate food.


    Another material used is starch. The advantage of this element is that in many cases it can even be consumed by people. Therefore, it is a very safe packaging that can be easily used to store food and replace plastic, polyethylene and other elements.

    What is the advantage of investing in sustainable custom food boxes?

    After all, what are the business advantages achieved by investing in sustainability? When a company launches a new product or reformulates a brand, it must always go hand in hand with the company’s identity.

    The global concern with sustainability has considerably changed people’s consumption habits. This factor, combined with environmental awareness, requires that the packaging of food products meet this market need.

    There are people who, even, prefer to consume products from companies that have this concern, totally eliminating those that do not manifest themselves in this aspect.

    How to bring an eco-friendly attitude to the food business?

    This positioning allows the company to create an engagement regarding the appreciation of the eco-friendly attitude, that is, friendly to the environment. This investment provides tangible returns for the company, given that it will win over consumers who recognize the company’s position in relation to the environment.

    Therefore, adopting sustainable wholesale custom food boxes materials for the production of packaging makes all the difference in the company’s results and should be seen as an investment and not only as a cost, which occurs with other traditional packaging that use elements that degrade the environment.

    Eco-friendly custom food boxes materials are cheap

    Another impacted point is reverse logistics. Using sustainable materials that can be reused or returned to the origin of the process, in addition to being highly beneficial to the environment, it also reduces the cost of food packaging with logo.

    In addition to the gain with an increase in sales volume, there will also be a considerable reduction in costs and this is due to two very simple reasons. First, making this packaging model is cheaper, given that the elements are easily found in nature.

    In some cases, even, the raw material is the result of discards, as is the case with coconut fiber. This makes the packaging of these packages much easier. In addition, there is the possibility of returning these elements, reducing the production of new packaging for your food products.

    Better-looking foods seem to taste better

    Eating is also an experience that involves sight, not just taste and smell. This is extremely valid when we Order a piece of meat, for example.

    That is, if your product is not presentable, even if it has an above-average quality, it will not generate interest in your potential consumer.

    And that is why owners of slaughterhouses, butchers, and supermarkets must pay special attention to the personalized food boxes they use in their business, as they offer a real impact on their sales.

    Below, you can see how meat packaging influences your sales. Keep reading and check it out!

    The importance of a good presentation in custom food boxes with logo

    Before looking for your packaging supplier, it is important to understand that perishable foods – such as meat, for example – have some needs.

    That is, depending on the conditions they are stored in, their aesthetic aspects may change, and that is where the problem lies.

    Personalized packaging ensures the quality of food

    Let’s talk about meat: recent research shows that the color of meat is a primary factor and that it affects consumers’ purchasing decisions incisively, and the redder it is, the more pleasing it will be in the eyes of your consumer.

    It is normal for customers to associate red meat with quality and wholesomeness, and any deviation from this color will have a sudden impact on the marketing of your product.

    In this case, the role of the custom food boxes packaging is to preserve the piece well and have a good level of transparency, so that the customer can see the state of the product.

    Shelf Life

    Consumers have several indicators to determine the quality and freshness of foods such as meats and cheeses, for example. Each has its peculiarities, but the fact is that the consumer judges the food by its aesthetic aspect.

    Therefore, having a shiny packaging, with a good level of transparency and that protects the piece well is essential.

    The consumer needs to see how the “face” of the food is. When it comes to meat, he needs to make sure that the color is more red, or if it already has a brown appearance, which may indicate that the piece is oxidized.

    In addition, its packaging needs to conserve meat and prevent the proliferation of bacteria on its surface, so that it continues to be presentable to your customer and also so that it does not pose any threat to its consumption.

    Smooth heat shrink bag

    As we have seen throughout the text, the presentation of food – especially perishables, such as meat – is a fundamental factor.

    Every customer considers the custom food boxes packaging of food before Ordering it, and if your business does not give the necessary attention to it, knows that your sales will feel the impact and the competition will stand out.

    And to improve the presentation of your products and to conserve them in the best possible way, smooth shrink packaging is a great option.

    Produced with multiple layers of protection, they mold perfectly to the shape of the food and ensure greater visibility of it at the time of sale, as they have a high level of brightness and transparency.

    Are vacuum custom food boxes packaging effectively against covid-19?

    Well, there are some advantages in vacuum packaging that can help control the transmission of the new coronavirus, responsible for the pandemic of COVID-19.

    But how?

    Once the food is vacuum-packed, with its airtight seal and subsequent heat shrinkage (in the case of heat shrinkable packaging), it can no longer be contaminated by carriers of the virus or by surfaces that may be contaminated.

    Basically, the contamination of food by the new coronavirus is due to the moment of manipulation of the same, before the packaging stage.

    In the primary filling phase, the possibility of contamination of the outer surface of the packaging still deserves many studies and a risk analysis, in order to understand well how to evaluate, manage and communicate them.

    As far as we know at the moment, the virus can remain infectious for hours or even days on the surface of some type of material, and for that reason, every kind of care when packing food is essential.

    Care in the food packaging process

    In addition to maintaining traditional aseptic measures when packaging food, it is of paramount importance that companies also think about adding disinfection to the surface of primary packaging.

    Vacuum packaging, for example, allows for this additional disinfection with the application of 70% ethyl alcohol, which is highly effective in controlling the new coronavirus and is quick to dry before placing in secondary packaging.

    In this way, we minimize the risks of transmission and circulation of the new virus.

    Final Words

    Finally, we can conclude that the adoption of sustainable custom food boxes packaging, custom boxes with logo in addition to contributing to the environment, also becomes a major competitive differential that can impact on increasing sales and improving the visibility of the market before your business.

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