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    Uniqueness is one of the most important factors that count in custom packaging and marketing prosperity. The idea of distinct packaging has enhanced the need for more innovation and creativity in custom packaging boxes. So, this is how custom pillow boxes have become popular. These are creative and innovative boxes that look pleasant and eye-catching, used for packaging and delivering pillows and similar products. They are available in all sizes, shapes, textures, and patterns, and give a neat and enchanting outlook to the pillows. In addition, these boxes are eco-friendly, cost-effective, and serve multiple purposes. Pillow boxes are the perfect choice for your retail packaging, no matter if you want to gift a precious item to your customer or present your delicates in luxury packaging! 

    Custom printed pillow boxes are styled boxes with a specialized design. These boxes are exclusively designed to resemble a small pillow, manufactured using cardboard or high-quality kraft material. These boxes are non-pollutant, recyclable, and secure for the environment. For sophistication, elegance, productivity, and most importantly, packaging convenience, there is nothing better than pillow packaging boxes

    Custom Pillow Boxes Give a Mesmerizing Visual to Your Product

    Pillow boxes are durable, unique, and provide a mesmerizing outlook to your product in the competitive market. They give the heft of luxury you are looking for in your custom packaging. Also, these are cost-effective boxes that promise durability and style. The versatility of custom pillow boxes makes them more demanding among retail businesses because their uses are not limited to certain products. Rather, they can be used in any industry for any sort of product! 

    The Materials Used in Manufacturing Custom Pillow Boxes

    Many boxes can be made out of one material, however, there is an open choice of materials when it comes to pillow packaging boxes. Kraft material and cardboard are often used in crafting custom pillow boxes. Each of these materials offers different sorts of benefits. Some materials used in manufacturing these packaging boxes are environment-friendly while clothes offer benefits like lightweight, better durability and strength, and ease of carry. 

    Such properties of different manufacturing materials make the custom pillow boxes more durable and usable for the long term. The lighter weight of these materials makes shipping easier and cost-effective. Also, it helps those loading and lifting the boxes. Similarly, a few packaging boxes are easy to get your desired printing on, and are easy to be crafted in different styles and designs. You can get your desired artwork on them as well to make them more impressive. So, kraft and cardboard are the two most frequently used materials in pillow packaging, thanks to the properties they possess. Most importantly, they enhance the quality of packaging to a great extent and represent the great value and quality of the products packed inside! 

    Custom Printed Pillow Boxes are Exquisite & Versatile

    There are a few ways your custom packaging boxes become more attractive and eye-catching to the buyers. For instance, you can have custom printed pillow boxes with display windows, inserts and openings. Hence, customers find them more attractive and can see the products without unboxing them! Several add-ons can be included in custom pillow boxes made of cardboard and kraft material. This shows how versatile these packaging boxes are and provide an unmatchable convenience to the customers as well as to the retail business. 

    Custom pillow boxes are not only versatile, they are functional and productive packaging options. They are ideal for a vast range of products, other than pillows. For instance, they can be used for apparel products, food and bakery items, health products and many more. As they are printed with a custom product label, they make appealing and unique packaging for all sorts of products. Also, they are ideal when it comes to promotion, branding, and marketing. Custom pillow boxes with logo can make your products and brand stand out in the competitive market. Since they are unique and stylish, they can easily grab the attention of buyers.  Hence, you can quickly experience a great boost in brand identity and sales. 

    Custom pillow boxes can provide greater visibility for the products if they are customized rightly with add-ons like custom inserts and display windows. They are convenient and can be tailored to the specific packaging needs of a business. Also, they can be used in all industries such as food, bakery, cosmetics, and wellness. They can be used as gift tags as well to serve promotional purposes for the brand. They can also highlight your products and brand on the shelves! Such is convenience and productivity! 

    Custom Pillow Boxes Take Product Selling & Presentation to the Next Level

    Pillow packaging is not all about the unique appearance of your product, it also provides the safety of the products and induces customers to buy your products, hence boosting sales. Apart from selling them, you can use these boxes for gifting purposes to determine to your customers that you care for them and want to establish a long-term relationship with them. Custom pillow boxes can be tailored to specific events as well and present your products in an attractive manner. 

    Pillow packaging boxes can make your products more special and pleasing. You can sell your products at the special event by promoting it through custom printed pillow boxes. These boxes can be accessed for several sorts of products. They can be printed and designed according to your requirements. So, you want to make your products charming and stand out in the market, these boxes work perfectly in this regard. 

    Custom Pillow Boxes Bring More Than Just the Convenience

    Custom pillow boxes are usually quite convenient and cost-effective as they consume fewer materials when being manufactured. This lessens the margin for product packaging and hence leads to benefits for smaller retail businesses such as candles, fragrances, jewelry and soaps etc. However, they can also be equally useful for larger businesses. The most important benefit of pillow packaging boxes is that they reduce the product cost by cutting down the prices of packaging. Furthermore, Kraft pillow packaging boxes can be popped out quite easily and are easy to assemble. Hence, they are readily available for packaging purposes. 

    Not only for packaging merchandise, sometimes, you need solid and gorgeous packaging for your gifts items. In the case of custom pillow boxes, they are perfect as custom gift boxes as well. They can be customized according to your individual event, festival, or a large corporate gathering for promotional purposes. They are quick to be assembled and easily accessible. You can easily turn a seasonal gift box into a promotional pillow box. There is no need for the unwrapping of layers though! 

    Custom Pillow Packaging Boxes are Customizable According to Your Product & Brand Needs

    Custom packaging is all about great customization options, and pillow packaging is even more unique in customization. These boxes are more advantageous than you think. They are cheap but luxurious and can be customized as per your specific brand and product needs. Not only that, these boxes can facilitate all types of products and brands. Custom product boxes with logo of your brand can work as promotional tools to give you endless business advantages. Endless customization such as custom inserts, display windows and printing can enhance the outlook of the boxes and give a great experience to your customers.  Hence, you can significantly increase your brand recognition and sales. 

    Generally, there are all sizes and shapes of pillow boxes, and smaller ones are preferred for eatables and similar products. You can choose the size and shape of these boxes according to your requirements. Also, if you have a diverse variety of products, you can choose different sizes and shapes of boxes, designed for specific products. For instance, pillow boxes can be used as custom printed soap boxes, custom food boxes, custom bakery boxes, and jewelry boxes as well. All you need is to customize them according to the size and shape of your product. Then, you can get your brand logo, tagline and company address for making your brand memorable among customizers and raising brand recognition and sales! 

    Affordable Wholesale Custom Pillow Boxes at Silver Edge Packaging 

    If you’re looking for custom pillow boxes for your retail business, Silver Edge Packaging is at your service.  We are the wholesale suppliers of custom boxes and provide pillow packaging boxes of all sizes, shapes, sizes and designs.  We have an immense variety of boxes and each of the designs can be customized according to your specific packaging needs. We are the most renowned and trusted brand in the custom packaging industry and have handled hundreds of projects already. So, we are the number 1 choice for wholesale custom pillow packaging! 


    Give us a call or email us now for pillow boxes wholesale at the most affordable wholesale rates in the market. We provide free graphic design support and charge nothing in die and cutting. Also, we provide free shipping in the USA, Canada, and worldwide! 

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