Can You Recycle Pizza Boxes? Everything You Should Know

Recycle Pizza Boxes
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    Everyone loves pizza, no matter which part of the world, people are crazy for this particular food item. It is delicious and ideal for large gatherings as they enjoy their favorite food at a specific event or at home. Americans and Canadians are among those who eat pizza more than any other nation. Your favorite food usually comes in a huge box. Order a pizza and it will come in a box, and after eating it, you will be left with a box. Custom Pizza boxes are nice, attractive but after you have eaten the pizza inside them, time to get rid of them. Can you recycle pizza boxes? Yes or no, we will find out. But what to do with a greasy pizza box?


    Pizza boxes are often made of cardboard and are often personalized. Many cardboard boxes can be recycled as they are included in curbside recycling programs. However, the scenario is different when the cardboard pizza boxes are contaminated with food. It is almost impossible to recycle pizza boxes then. During a recycling procedure, the boxes can be turned into a pulp but even a small amount of grease can ruin the process. 


    The recycling of pizza boxes is often debated among people. This is a detailed guide on recycling! If you are eager to know if you can recycle your pizza boxes or not, here is everything you should know! 

    Let’s Begin With the Important Thing – Can You Recycle Pizza Boxes?

    There is no straight yes or no in this regard! At times, you can recycle pizza boxes but sometimes you won’t be able to do so. Even if they are recyclable, the process is quite challenging and more difficult than you think. Generally, you should only put the above half of the pizza box into your recycling bin. 


    The corrugated cardboard used in custom pizza boxes comes in layers, known as walls, and insulates your pizza. This is to make sure there is no need for anything like adhesive to fold the box. If there is no adhesive, the pizza boxes can be recycled completely. However, grease, oil, and food particles in the box can cause immense trouble recycling it. 


    There are recycling centers that provide recycling services for custom pizza boxes. However, they would only accept your boxes for recycling if they are clean and free of grease and food scraps. At times, recycling depends on the way pizza is packed inside the box. A few pizza boxes come with a paper line and that can be removed to keep the pizza boxes absolutely clean. This is when pizza boxes can be recycled. 


    However, at times, the liner in the bottom does not prevent the grease from soaking through it and damaging the pizza boxes. Hence, one can say that it is quite difficult to recycle these boxes or technically quite impossible. You have to be extra careful when opening the boxes, and do your best to take it out so that no damage is done to the boxes. Well, that’s a tough ask! 


    One thing you can do to recycle your pizza boxes is to rip the greasy part of the box apart. Then, you would be able to recycle the clean parts of it. The top part of the box is often grease-free so you can throw that in the recycling bin. If the entire box is squeaky clean, you are welcome to go ahead and recycle the whole box! 


    Pizza brands tend to use custom pizza boxes, custom food boxes, and custom bakery boxes for delivering pizza to their customers. Some renowned packaging companies such as Silver Edge Packaging provide custom pizza boxes to them in order to ensure the secure delivery of pizza to customers. Their pizza boxes are made of corrugated cardboard and are quite durable. Also, they manufacture high-quality, eco-friendly pizza boxes to maintain the taste and quality of the pizza. Technically, it is still quite difficult to recycle these boxes, but not impossible. Such high-quality pizza boxes by Silver Edge Packaging are recyclable! 

    What to Do With Your Pizza Boxes?

    So, you have eaten the pizza and left with the pizza box. What can you do with it? Well, there are a lot of things you can do with pizza boxes. Make sure you prevent them from ending up in the dump even if they can’t be recycled. 


    First of all, make sure to check for some recycling facilities so that you can recycle pizza boxes. There are several platforms where they help recycle your pizza boxes. However, learn your local recycling rules first. 


    One thing you can do is partially recycle your pizza boxes. The top part of the box can be recycled even if the other part is damaged or greased. Tear the above half of the box and recycle it on your own. Also, you can get rid of it by putting it in a trash bin. This is the last thing you can do with these boxes if you are not able to recycle them. 

    Want to Deliver Pizza Safe & Secure to Your Customers? Silver Edge Packaging At Your Service!

    Are you looking to deliver pizza to your customers in a safe and secure manner? Silver Edge Packaging provides custom pizza boxes to ensure the secure delivery of pizza to your customers. You can choose from an immense variety of custom printed pizza boxes tailored to your specific packaging needs. We provide corrugated cardboard boxes that maintain the taste and quality of your pizza. Also, our boxes are quite durable and prevent your stuff from potential damage. You can get boxes with your brand logo as well as excellent quality printing. Most importantly, our quality pizza boxes wholesale would be recyclable for the customers, if not, easy to get rid of! 


    So, choose from our immense variety of customized pizza boxes now and place your order. Get pizza boxes in bulk at the cheapest wholesale rates and get free shipping at your doorstep in the USA, Canada, and worldwide. Contact us via phone or email.

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