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    Are you curious about cigarette dimensions and sizes? When you are running a cigarette business, it is important to consider the sizes and dimensions to choose the ideal packaging. Tobacco companies always design the dimensions of a cigarette pack to offer 20 smokes for customers. Therefore, you can also consider accurate cigarette box size to facilitate the customers effectively. 

    The standard dimensions for a cigarette box in the United States of America are 0.83 inches deep, 2.83 inches long, and 3.63 inches wide. These standard dimensions ensure that cigarette pack sizes can easily fit in purses and pockets. It means you can use packaging that is perfect for every type of cigarette size.

    Factors Impact On Cigarette Box Size

    There are different factors that impact cigarette carton dimensions. You need to consider the following factors. 

    • Number of cigarettes in the pack. The box size will increase with the number of smokes in the pack. 100s, 25s, and 20s are the standard boxes.
    • The shapes and sizes of the cigarettes such as unfiltered, filtered, cork tips, and slims. It is important to consider that specialty smokes such as blunts and cigars also come in larger boxes. 
    • The different features, such as soft packs, rounded corners, and flip-top lids, also affect the cigarette carton size. The cigarette boxes are also available in waterproof- and crush-resistant designs.  
    • Include the warnings and branding on the packaging of cigarettes.

    Standard Cigarette Box Dimensions

    You need to consider the standard dimensions for a cigarette pack. Here, we will discuss each and everything about the different dimensions for a cigarette size chart.

    Standard King Size Box


    It is a standard cigarette box with measurements of 85mm x 55mm x 20mm. Standard king size is also known as normal or regular size. These boxes are usually available in dimensions of 3.35 inches x 2.17 inches x 0.79 inches. You can easily pack up to 20 cigarettes in this magnificent packaging. 

    100’s Box

    100’s cigarette boxes commonly available in the measurements of 99mm x 55mm x 20mm. It is an extended or long size cigarette box. These boxes have the dimensions of 3.9 inches x 2.17 inches x 0.79. You can put up to 20 smokes in this long cigarette packaging. You can select the ideal packaging for smokes to ensure the ultimate convenience. 

    Slim Or Super Slim Box


    It is the perfect packaging solution for the slimmer and thin cigarettes. The ideal dimensions for a super slim or just slim box are 85mm x 44m x 20mm. These boxes are available in the narrow, light, or petitie size. The accurate measurements for these cigarette packaging boxes are 3.35 inches x 1.73 inches x 0.79 inches.

    200’s Box


    These are the extra-long boxes with dimensions of 199 mm x 55mm x 20mm for the extended cigarette length. 200’s cigarettes are perfect for the longest cigarette in the world. The excellent measurements are 7.83 inches x 2.17 inches x 0.79 inches for holding the 20 really long cigarettes easily. These are also known as king king or long size boxes for king size Kent cigarettes. It means you can use these drawn cigarette boxes for the world’s longest cigarette. 

    Select Perfect Cigarette Box For Your Smoking Brand

    How long is a 100 cigarette? You need to consider the diameter and length of a cigarette for choosing the ideal packaging box. These physical characteristics of cigarettes help you to choose the ideal dimensions for custom cigarette packaging boxes.

    King or Regular Size?

    The most common cigarette sizes are king size with 85mm x 58mm x 20mm and regular size with 83mm x 55mm x 20mm. This means that kings and regular-size cigarettes can easily hold 25 and 20 cigarettes, respectively. You can use regular size to engage the customers who prefer the compact cigarette design.

    Width And Height

    The height and width of the smoker design also enable you to know the capacity for the number of cigarettes. It is important to note that a smallest or narrowest box can easily cramp. Moreover, a tallest or widest box can become bulky to irritate the customers. It is true that 55-58mm height and 83-85mm width are perfect dimensions for most specific cigarette types and brands.

    Thickness Or Depth

    The depth or thickness of the smoothest cigarette packaging must offer enough space for cigarettes. There is no overstuffing regarding the thickness to ensure customer satisfaction. The typical depth is 20mm to offer a flat space for cigarettes with enough wiggling room. You can also choose thicker 23-25mm to avoid congestion for king-size cigarettes. It is important to remember that a box under 20mm can cause damage to cigarettes. 

    Material Quality

    The cigarette design and drawing allow you to choose the perfect material for cellophane cigarette boxes. This means that you can easily design cigarette packaging to enhance the customer experience. The lightweight and flimsy material can easily tear because of the cheapest quality. This means that you need to consider sturdy and high-quality cardboard packaging for cigarettes. The presence of fold and crease for cigarette draw ensures excellent protection for cigarettes in cardboard boxes.

    The texture or matter finishing options offer an excellent upscaling than the glossy finishing option. It ensures that your customers must be happy to carry and display the cigarettes effectives. Moreover, you must make sure that the smoking cigarette drawing box aligns with your branding identity.


    What is the size of Marlboro cigarettes?

    Answer: The size ranges from 16mm to 100mm.

    What’s bigger, king-size or super king cigarettes?

    Answer: The Super King cigarettes range from 84mm to 120mm.

    How big is a carton of cigarettes?

    Answer: A carton usually contains 10 packs and 200 cigarettes. 

    What size is a cigarette box in inches?

    Answer: The standard sizes are 3.63 inches x 2.83 inches x 0.83 inches.

    What are the dimensions of a sleeve of cigarettes?

    Answer: The dimensions of a sleeve of cigarettes are 85mm x 55mm x 20mm.

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