3 Custom Packaging Rules That Brands Use for Efficient Marketing

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    If you are looking for a way to make your packaging more effective for marketing, we have you covered. This content will thoroughly explain three custom packaging rules your brand may need to use for efficient marketing.

    In addition, we will also discuss many more 3s that may be more important for your business. Let’s start!

    What are the Three Rules of Packaging for Marketing

    Marketing through packaging has three rules: Getting attention, getting recognition & establishing a unique selling proposition (USP).

    1.      Rule 1

    Getting attention is the number one rule for any marketing packaging. With getting people’s attention, any remaining tactics can work for marketing a brand or product. Therefore, the design of a box or physical appearance can significantly play a vital role in this case.

    So, choose an attractive design that captivates people’s attention from a shelf. To do this, you can select gorgeous colors, stickers, and patterns or modify the shape and structure of boxes in attractive forms. The overall goal should be the creation of the most pleasing appearance of the packaging.

    2.      Rule 2

    Making custom boxes recognizable is the second important rule after making your packaging attractive. Recognizable packaging always gives a different look from a distance in the store or marketplace.

    So, you can use your logo, specific design, and color that mainly indicates your brand’s identity. That’s how you differentiate your offer from competitors by providing your product differently. After all, rule number one is the first step to utilizing rule number two.

    3.      Rule 3

    Rule number three is the final but most important rule of the list. Conveying a unique selling point (USP) is the ultimate rule to fulfill the ultimate marketing goal through packaging. The perfect unique selling point is the mix work of copywriting and designing. Promoting one benefit or characteristic of your offer helps your business stand out among the rest.

    What are the Three Main Functions of Packaging


    There are three main functions of packaging – containment, protection, & promotion.

    1.      Containment

    Containment is the first important function of packaging that provides a proper place for a product. Even more, custom boxes also help in the appropriate placement of products. So, the provision of containment and good order of substance is ensure due to this first functionality of custom packaging.

    Contrary to regular packaging, custom packaging offers different shapes and sizes so that other products can be appropriately placed in these boxes. The conditions and structures of these boxes also depend on the type of products to be packed in these boxes.

    2.      Protection

    This is the second but most important function of packaging and should be addressed in any case. After all, safety is the first and last requirement of everyone. Therefore, various paper materials like cardboard, kraft, and bux board manufacture boxes.

    On the other hand, Mylar is another option for food storage. Mylar bags are used for long-term food storage and are comparatively safer and more flexible for various products than other paper materials. Thus, you can notice that every type of packaging has one joint function, protection for products.

    3.      Promotion

    Once placement and safety functions are ensured, then promotion comes into play. Marketing or advertisement through packaging is an innovative way of utilizing boxes to increase sales or brand recognition. Different techniques are adopted to make a custom box as a promotional element for a business.

    Some boxes are used to promote a product directly. Some of them are aimed at getting brand recognition. This is all possible with the practical usage of copywriting and printing techniques.

    What are the Three Levels of Packaging


    There are three main parts or levels of packaging – primary packaging, secondary packaging, and tertiary packaging. These three levels of packaging have their relevant functions and objectives.

    1.      Primary Packaging

    The primary packaging is the first layer of protection on the products and is in direct contact with the product. Products you see on shelves are actually in the primary packaging. These packages have their benefits and characteristics for brands as well as products.

    Primary packaging plays all the functions mentioned above – containment, protection, and promotion. Primary packaging is the actual packaging for all products, no matter what, since no effect can survive better without proper primary envelopment.

    With more than ten years of experience, we help many small businesses to order these custom boxes. As you can see, unlimited options are available for any package you need. From custom Mylar bags to the bakery and cosmetic boxes to toy boxes, hundreds of custom options are available to order.

    2.      Secondary Packaging

    Secondary packaging is simply another layer of protection on the primary packaging. This packaging level’s main goal is to pack several direct boxes in single cotton. That’s how this level of packaging performs two kinds of functions simultaneously – containment and protection.

    In secondary packaging, products are shipped from one place to another more securely. Silver Edge Packaging provides a custom option for secondary packaging. You can order any size and shape of various quality and quantity to provide a secondary layer of protection to your packets.

    3.      Tertiary Packaging

    This is the third level of packaging in which secondary or primary packaging is secure to ship from one place to other. This kind of packaging seems more than a simple package because it is like a container. This packaging helps you meet two primary goals simultaneously – protection and promotion.

    What are the Three Ps in Packaging


    The three Ps of packaging are essential for any business because these 3 Ps ensure packaging functions. Let’s see what they indicate and how they operate in packaging.

    1.      Product Protection

    The first “P” indicates product protection which is very important for any brand or product. Most of the time, products are vulnerable to dirt, dust, moisture, or even microbes. So, product protection is essential from any material or factor that can spoil the quality of a product.

    2.      Printed Marking

    The second “P” indicates the printed marking, which is as much crucial as product protection. Even a single mistake in printed marking may cause a big problem. In other words, labeling a product with relevant and correct information is essential since it helps recognize the suitable development and its appropriate use.

    3.      Perceived Value & Use

    Third, “P” indicates a product’s perceived value and relevant use. You may have notice that different companies sell the same product at various prices. Ironically, costly objects go viral, and their conversion rates are higher than cheap ones. This phenomenon is just because of the different perceived values of products.

    For instance, a specific brand of perfume, Burnt Hair, is more costly with more sales cycles than other brands. No one notices the better alternatives once the perceived value is instilled in the mind.

    Yet, industrial and commercial markets care less about the brand’s identity, so they seek comparatively cheap items. Therefore, we also provide packaging solutions by providing many free services to cut the total packaging expenditure on small businesses.

    Wrapping Up

    The three main marketing rules with custom packaging are getting attention, getting recognition & establishing a unique selling proposition (USP). And containment, protection, & promotion are the three vital functions of good packaging. Similarly, primary, secondary, and tertiary packaging are the three stages of packaging that are necessary for better protection of products.

    As a packaging company, we welcome you to meet all your needs at one point with our unique packaging. We provide a highly cost-effective creative packaging option for all small and new businesses.

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